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Research Associate/ Enterprise Innovation
Intervista Institute publishes content that supports enterprise leaders in their transformation initiatives. We are seeking research support for our new Innovation Cultures program.

Research, and most importantly - develop - high level executive content aimed at large enterprise leadership.
An avid and deep interest in the emerging field of INNOVATION MANAGEMENT and its related processes. The task requires aggregating and synthesizing published knowledge on the subject and preparing a variety of outputs suitable for our corporate clientele to assimilate. Related areas of interest may include collaboration, design leadership and transformation. Sample subject areas that Intervista develops:
• Understanding innovation imperatives and processes
• Ideation and the fuzzy front end of innovation
• Leadership and governance
• Organizational design for change
• Collaborative environments
• Client-centric design
• New service delivery models
• Emerging factors: experience, technology, green trends • Business design and    information architecture

Post grad degree, highly knowledgeable in Business Strategy. Areas of interest may include:
-Economic trends
-Strategic Marketing
-Business and Service models
-Information Management
-Knowledge Management
-Organizational Development

Highly developed writing skills, publishable. Highly developed communication skills, able to synthesize research findings. Able to recruit external intellectual contributors and project manage those relationships. Able to develop findings into full programs, which may consist of Executive Seminar curricula, White Papers, Interview Outlines, Webinars etc. Must be comfortable addressing/interviewing C-suite executives.

Respond by e-mail at:

Editorial/Research Associate (contract position)
Intervista Institute is a publisher of EXECUTIVE EDUCATION SEMINARS (and some print and video resources) aimed at the North American wide CIO (Chief Information Officer) business community. There are 3 components to the job:

We seek a person to DEVELOP (with outside contributors) the CONTENT of the seminar series, which consists of topics relating to
- Knowledge Management
- Data Management
- Enterprise Architecture
- IT Strategy
- Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This requires RESEARCH and EDITORIAL skills as relates to packaging 3 to 4 day long courses aimed at professionals, consultants and executives.

Our clients deal with VERY LARGE ENTERPRISE Implementations. Specific experience in writing about or researching or marketing in any of these topics areas is desirable, but it is more important to have a conceptual understanding of how these models for project design and management are utilized. You must be able to RESEARCH and review various course offerings from independent providers.

Outside content offering is heavily re-formatted to match Intervista's presentation style. A familiarity which may be acquired by visiting our site and reviewing course brochures.

The second component to performing this job is to acquire the contractual consent of content contributors & lecturers, to transform the R&D into a scheduled presentation schedule. These contracts, although simple, may require monitoring to ensure that both the lecturer and Intervista’s commitments are met (in terms of deliverables). This Scheduling activity conforms to a financial and marketing plan and the Intervista Seminar Calendar. Management of these commitments requires plotting the contracted content against market demand- across a dozen cities over a yearly cycle. Content providers and lecturers require constant reassurance, encouragement, prompting, incentives and perks. You must be able to dole these out in a manner that achieves your objectives.

The third component is communicating the package offer. You must have the skills to develop a concise syllabus that is persuasive, pertinent and interesting enough to SELL THROUGH your program to our target community. You will have good copy skills, probably acquired in business communications projects - such as marketing copywriting in the IT industry, developing training or courseware material in an enterprise setting, or preparing in-depth white papers for advisory firms.

This course series exploits a niche between Management Science and IT Planning. But the “value add” we are seeking - is the ability to get up to speed on the material, then develop to the point where you can eventually postulate additional course offerings relating to strategy and innovation, or to the point where you can package and exploit the extant intellectual content in new forms such as conferences, webcasts, journals and other re-purposing strategies.

In summary- you must think like a publisher (as opposed to a writer). You will be a PROGRAM MANAGER - whose job is to seek out timely content from the marketplace and you hammer it, form it, edit it and package it into a sellable product that is desirable, interesting and challenging to some of the smartest people working on some of the largest Information Technology implementations in the world. They need resources and you will develop these and package them.

Send resume and salary expectations to

We are open to any combination of abilities that may complete all or part of the requirement. Please address the requirements listed as best you feel you can meet them, do NOT send a generic CV. Address the requirements as stated.


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