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Federated Architecture
by John A. Zachman

Enterprise Architecture"There is something very useful about the idea of Federated Architecture because in complex enterprises where there are a multiplicity of diverse business units, not only does it present complex management challenges, but the dissipation of energy and resources through sub-optimization and duplication can be extravagant."
- from Federated Architecture by John Zachman

Intervista is proud to present the definitive White Paper on Federated Architecture. In this 10-page PDF, Enterprise Architecture guru John Zachman analyzes some of the key concepts of Federated Architecture and introduces a variety of models to explain his points - and presents everything in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Enterprise Architecture.

Enterprise Architecture
The PDF includes full-color illustrations of the Framework for Enterprise Architecture, as well as graphical representations of Zachman's models. The PDF has also been carefully designed for high quality printing.

Excerpt: "The idea of Federated Enterprise Architecture is a practical way to employ architectural concepts in complex, multiunit Enterprises, however, there is nothing magic happening. Someone has to figure out and actually create and manage what is to be Federal, that is, centralized, optimized relative to the overall Enterprise (or cluster), integrated, reused, etc. and conversely, someone has to figure out what is not to be Federated, that is, what is to remain local, sub-optimized relative to the Enterprise, unique to the business units."

About John Zachman:
In 1987, John Zachman, author of the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture, wrote "To keep the business from disintegrating, the concept of information systems architecture is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity."

From that assertion, the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture has evolved and become the model around which major organizations view and communicate their Enterprise information infrastructure.

This Framework has been adopted by the United States Federal Chief Information Officers Council as a part of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework Standard.

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